Happy Birthday, Elsie.

5:39 PM

Over Half A Year

7:00 PM

Biggest Fail in the History of this Blog

11:04 AM

hard conversations and moving

9:33 AM

11:14 AM

Oh, hey!

2:52 PM

Bringing home Baby Tate

4:44 PM

Choose Joy

3:38 PM

Why, hello

2:50 PM

Can I get a witness?

9:45 AM

Pressing on?

9:58 AM

Fundraising Update

8:53 AM

Real talk

1:28 PM

It's like a secret club that nobody ever wanted to be in..ever.

9:45 AM

Tate Life

12:07 PM

8:06 AM


2:03 PM


7:01 AM

THIS is me being "real." (I am sorry.)

7:27 AM

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