2012: A Wrap-Up

10:13 AM


2:40 PM


6:36 AM

{Heart Beats and Baby Names}

6:22 AM


3:28 PM

Turkey for you and Turkey for me

6:25 AM

That one time we were going to have a baby. Like now.

2:10 PM


2:04 PM


5:27 PM

Food for thought

11:40 AM

Yep, that basically sums it up.

1:11 PM


6:50 PM

so get your knees flexin' and your arms t-rexin

7:49 AM

Heyyyy Fall Time!!

7:11 AM

Yummy foods.

5:17 PM

G'chats for the win.

6:27 PM

Multiple reasons why I don't like the dentist.

2:43 PM

Thanks, Jesus!

12:46 PM

I am a selfish creature.

3:08 PM

14 months to go!

7:24 PM

Woo! I'm alive!

2:12 PM


4:59 PM

Whaddup, fall time!

10:06 PM

Wife of the year award.

7:36 AM

Yall. PB&J Smoothie. So delicious.

10:11 AM

Small Update!

11:59 AM

Chris' last day of work!

7:49 AM

My. Life. Is. Crazy.

12:01 PM

Good words.

7:13 AM

Last week of work for Chris and other things in my brain.

1:18 PM

There is no one alive who is youer than you.

10:57 AM

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