Wake on up from your slumber

10:04 AM

Fun fact of the day!

10:46 AM

Pantry Makeover

7:24 PM

First day of CNA lab

6:56 PM

What a poop Monday.

5:02 PM

Oh, hey, lack of sleep.

11:14 AM

Who says you can't have a garden at your apt?

8:37 AM


12:47 PM

Aunt and Uncle! :)

7:52 AM

11:27 AM

Some of my favesies!

10:29 AM

Love [will] Win.

12:10 PM

1 Gallon of Blueberries for $5=success.

7:42 AM

I love my Daddy!!

9:47 AM

4th of July Fun!

10:28 AM

Flat Rock Bakery in Hendersonville before Mumford!

8:37 AM

Dear Husband,

8:12 PM

Dear Self,

8:10 PM

Chris and Jordan's Bucket List

9:06 AM

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