A happy table story.

5:59 PM

Just so I don't unintentionally force your brains to implode due to an overwhelming amount of sad news, I would like to post about the awesome table we made. We originally intended to build it for our growing family, so that's semi sad in light of current events BUT nothing will stop us from filling these table benches with multiple children..adopted or our own..but hopefully both. So let's just pretend this post is prophetic and eventually when I post a picture of little hands eating super messy foods I will remember this moment.

I wanted a very very simple table design, which I guess is a good thing for my hubby since this was his first table building adventure. (I mean..OUR table building adventure! I helped! I totally did! I just didn't saw for fear of losing limbs.) Not that that man can't do literally anything he puts his mind to...but nevertheless, a simple table design it was. We found this design on Ana White's website, knowing ahead of time we would pick our own finish.

We made some modifications and chose a different bench to go with the table, but I can't go into much DIY detail here because I do not have the skills or knowledge to explain it properly, but basically we modified the size and a couple of minor details.

The total cost of the table AND benches was 200 dollars, and we certainly could not have found a combo we loved for even close to that amount. (We did tons of research and the minimum cost we could find for table+benches we liked was 400. Bare minimum.) We also splurged on the top boards for the table because we knew they would look awesome under a stain, so you could technically do this project for even cheaper depending on the wood you use. (We used untreated pine.)

We went with a stain from Rustoleum called "Driftwood" and it turned out just how we imagined--almost like a grey wash...that can be as opaque or heavy as you want it to be. We got ours to where we wanted it with about 2 coats (only 1 in some places.)

We sealed the table and benches with a water based polyurethane and were able to bring it back to our house that same day since the weather dried the table SO fast for us.

To be honest, if building a table is something you want to do, just do it! Don't be intimidated. You can find tons of free plans out there with detailed steps, and if you have access to power tools you're good to go. (Lowe's will even cut wood for you if you know exactly which cuts to make!)

My man being manly cutting that wood with that manly tool.

Poor Hank-we got sawdust all over him.

The first steps-creating the frame.

Attaching the top!

Legs added!

And the stain (it's even cooler in person!)

The great thing is that benches are total space savers AND they can fit more people. When it's just the two of us, we keep the table against the wall (as pictured) and eat on one side "because it's more intimate that way," says Chris. ;)

For the first meal on the table, we fit five VERY comfortably. Too comfortably. It almost felt wrong not to have more people! We could easily fit four on each bench, and then add chairs to each side if necessary!

So..bring on the babies.

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  1. Holy cow. That is beautiful. We need a new table... maybe I just need to break out the saw. :)
    I sincerely hope you get the big family you so desire. Prayers abound.

  2. so beautiful. can't wait to see it in real life. Love your yellow flowers on the table , too.
    love ya, mom

  3. I love it. So funny because I was just looking up plans to make a table for when we move into our hypothetical house one day. I looked through Ana White's plans and they are beautiful but intimidating! I'll have to pick your brain when the time comes :) Maria xx

  4. Thanks, Mom!

    Maria-we would LOVE to help whenever that time comes--whether in person or not! It's so rewarding. Totally worth it.

  5. WOW! You guys are mega talented! That table/bench combo is absolutely beautiful! Amazing job! I think it is so very significant that you chose this exact time in your lives to build your family table! Even now as you, Jordan can feel Baby Elsie kicking in your womb, and we all pray for a positive outcome, the two of you are moving forward in hope and promise for your future family! Such faith as yours is awesome! I was the lucky one to inherit the antique claw-foot oak table that the Wolski family used for years. I have many happy memories of the noisy dinners, with seven hungry kids, crowded around that table, all talking at once, clamoring for someone to "please pass the (whatever)". My mom trusted that there was always ample food and room for "just one more" around our table! We'd scrunch closer together and pull up more chairs for our guests. My prayer for you is that your beautiful new table will be the setting for many years of delicious meals and joyful memories, with family, friends and happy kids!

  6. The above post was written by Cathy Wolski Costantini, Auntie Extraordinaire of Chris and Jordan


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