2:51 PM

Do you see me?
Do you see us?

Surely you do for your word says that there is no secret hidden from you. That you know the number of hairs on our head. That you know every part of Elsie being formed in my womb.

Then you know of our pain and our crying out. You know of the countless tears that have already been shed.

Where are you in this?
Won't you intervene?
Won't you please intervene.

Surely you will not allow me to hold another lifeless baby.
Surely you will not watch us lower another child into the ground.

Would not healing and restoration bring more glory to your name?

You have cured the blind and healed the sick, made cancer non-existent.

You have the power to rewrite genes.
You have the power to reverse death sentences.

How much will you allow us to bear?

We cry mercy.

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  1. this made me cry before i even finished it. my heart breaks for you every day jordan. i am praying for a miracle for you.

  2. my heart just aches for you. sending a hug and so many many prayers.

  3. Many continued prayers for you all, for Elsie.

  4. Hear their cries, Heavenly Father. Shower them with your mercy.


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