Oh, hey, lack of sleep.

11:14 AM

DISCLAIMER: I love sleeping next to my husband. Really, I do. In fact, I would probs say it's one of my favorite things about being married to him. It's often the time in which we have really strange late night conversations that really don't make any sense and/or use his bookmark flashlight to make shadows on the wall (hello, first grade.)

On with my point: the past few nights Chris has been a bit restless and also delirious. You're probably wondering why you need to know this. And here is why:

The other night, I was having nightmares. This is almost guaranteed to happen if I don't read my sweet Bible before bed. Weird, I know. But not so weird because it's the best way to end the day. Anyways. I didn't read, and on came the horrific nightmares of strange people chasing me, and trying to kill me. So freaky. Anyways. Sometimes when dreaming, you can kind of feel what's actually happening in reality. (At least I'm pretty sure this happens to other people too.) And in my subconcious I literally "felt" like someone was seriously following me and was standing over me. I freaked out, as the feeling was strangely similar to the feeling I was already having in my dream..and I forced myself to awaken.

What's the worst way to wake up from a terrible nightmare where people are trying to find you?
Answer: with someone ACTUALLY hovering over you as if they have found you.

That's right. Chris was standing on his knees half facing me and half facing the window. (Paranormal Activity 2, anybody?) I freaked. I then managed to say "CHRIS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING." Although maybe not as clear. And he mumbled something about "trying to find the door."


I don't know.

FYI: The door is on the opposite wall as the window is. He was facing in the complete wrong direction.

You can imagine my confusion, fear, and now fully awakened mind. It took me a long while to fall back asleep while trying to convince myself that I was only scared because of my stupid dream and that no, my husband is not possessed OR trying to kill me. In the morning, I asked Chris was the HECK he was doing. He giggled, and couldn't really remember except for the fact that he "was confused.............and trying to find the door."

Oh boy.

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