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Remember how I said that one time that before every big "milestone" in life, Chris and I seem to experience a large amount of negativity? I know this doesn't just happen to us--we live in a culture that likes to complain and I am not immune. However, it's really awesome to be able to reach those milestones and be able to say, "Hey-this is better than I heard it would be."

Example: Marriage.
Example: Being out of school.
Example: Getting a real job.

I can confidently say that I think the only reason we've faced all of the above (and more) with so much joy and excitement is that we serve a really good God who loves to give us good gifts. He promises us a peace that surpasses understanding--so I shouldn't even be surprised right now with the peace and joy he gives us daily. But it's good to reflect on for times like, say, this summer when I was a total WRECK about the possibility of Chris' schooling not working out and me not finding a job ever....still workin' out that one in my heart.


For those that have been asking--yes, work is going great. I feel awkward right now even typing that because I have co-workers who will probably be reading this since we're facebook friends now (so cute and official. kidding) and that's where I post this. (I already told them I am a lame blog lover so that shouldn't come as a surprise.) Regardless-I do love it a LOT and I'm so grateful that it worked out, especially after being so called to this work before and during my internship. It's a strange thing to be called to something that is so emotionally challenging.

During my internship before graduating, I remember a distinct moment where I felt I was becoming desensitized to hearing about severe child abuse and neglect. I remember coming home and being okay. The worst part about this was that I didn't want to be okay with being okay. It wasn't that I was okay with the  behaviors that existed--it really is heartbreaking and terrible what people put their children through. But there was a moment of realizing that I'm okay because I know that this is so much bigger than me, and that all I can do is the best that I can do. (I also had a huge struggle during that time of believing in God's sovereignty. Every day I found myself asking why God could let ______ happen. That's a story for another time.)

God totally helped me overcome the anxiety that came with handling SO much terrible news over and over and over again during my days there. Now that I'm officially working and dedicated to this, it's so much easier to wrestle with. For me, it's easy in this field of work to view myself as "better" than these individuals that we come in contact with.

In a sense it's kind of obvious of our differences--namely that I could never fathom beating....neglecting...molesting...etc...ANY child, especially my own. But the fact of the matter is what God reminds me of daily........more like every second when I'm there: Jesus died for them too. As cliche as that sounds, it's really the only way to ground ourselves.

So for all you students that read this blog: let me tell you why being out of school is great.
1. No more studying for crazy exams and not getting sleep and having homework all the time.
2. Never having to sit through genED classes that are largely unrelated to what you actually want to do in life.
3. Actually getting TO DO the things you want to do in life instead of just getting tested on them.
4. Learning how to appreciate and make use of the time you have after work. (I promise it's enjoyable and your day ISN'T actually sucked down the drain.)
5. Eating at normal hours (I guess you could do this in school but I never really could manage to eat at a decent time.
6. You never have that feeling of "man, I can't really enjoy anything right now because I just feel like I could be getting ahead on my school work."
7. When Sunday night rolls around you're not cramming to get your reading and assignments done. You're just enjoying your weekend, and hopefully not dreading going to work (find a job you actually want to do!)

The list goes on and on.

Enjoy your time in college, but don't fret about what comes afterwards. God's WILD and EXCITING plan for your life doesn't end when you walk across the stage. (Or not walking across the stage like me because I was jetskiing with my family instead. Win.)

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  1. So happy that I met you Jordan! ;) You add joy to our office and your love for Jesus and people is fantastically contagious! Looking forward to our Halloween Secret Sister thingy:)

  2. You are so sweet Laura :) Can't wait to get to know all of y'all better!

  3. So glad to have such a sweet person with such a good heart on our team!! :)


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