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Let me just tell ya real fast how Christopher has this terrible habit of not believing in his abilities. I swear I'm not even saying this to be cheesy or to make you vom. But ever since we met way back when--he would tell me for DAYS how unprepared he is for things like tests and turning in projects for school. And then he would ace them.

He would ace all of them.
Makes me so mad.

But seriously, this cycle continued for-EVA. Through dating, graduation, even interviewing for the job he had before going back to school..he just comes up and tells me how unsure he is about it.

Fast forward to nursing school. Of course I knew this was going to happen because it's such a fast paced program...he's only been in for a few weeks now and they just had their first round of tests. Lame.

So he's studying and talking on and on about how unprepared he feels and how serious this is and stuff.
 Anyone want to guess what that fella got on his first nursing exam?
 A stinkin' 96. Give me a break.

The point of this whole story is to tell you lovely friends that read my weird posts to tell Chris he's awesome and way more intelligent than me (I'm just kidding, you don't need to be mean, but actually he is so go for it). At least tell him he's way more intelligent than he thinks he is and that he needs to embrace the nerdy and studious self that he is.

That's all on that note.

Fun fact of the week. We legitimately carpooled to work/school this week. I'm pretty positive it doesn't get much more lame than that. I'm basically going to tell people that it's because we're supa hippie-like and are trying to save the planet by carpooling (which is totally true) but on a side note it's mostly probably just because we're a couple of weird marrieds.True life.


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  1. we love our little nerds!! Yes you are a nerd too. :))


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