Blue and green and brown. :)

12:47 PM

I always wanted to make my own wedding invitations and save the date cards. And while it would be awesome for everyone to see them once they have arrived at their homes..I'm too excited about them to not post about them! So those of you that read this, act surprised when you see them in the mail. ;) [The paper they will be printed on will be a surprise, I suppose, as it will not be plain white paper.]
Also, excuse the extremely poor quality of the images, I had to downgrade to load them up here.


[the design phase never stops until I drive myself insane, I'm retracting the design photos for the time being.]

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  1. so cute ... you take after your mother!

  2. Aww Kristen!!!!! You're sweet. My dad pretends he gave me the creative gene..ha.

  3. OMG!!!! jordan, i am OBSESSED

  4. I'm glad you got to see them before I retracted them! :) You'll be seeing it in person before you know it. ;)


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