3:44 PM

I semi promised a video of the haircut extravaganza and I don't even have a picture to put up. For some reason, as much as I'm obsessed with taking pictures of other people, I can never remember to take any of myself. Dumb.

Oops. Super senioritis isn't limited to just school work, I suppose. It is the chaotic last few weeks of the semester though. Excuses.

Also, I didn't have the option to do a video--because Chris was in his boxers. (Sorry for that, Mom.) It's just what he considers his pajamas, he doesn't get home till basically bed time anyway. Calm down people, It was just a haircut.

Also. The video would have been boring anyway. I know sometimes people think we're semi-entertaining when they read this, but we're actually super lame. ANYWAYS-you'll just have to take my word for it--my hair looks suh-weet. It's pretty short. Chris had a mini panic attach when he made the first cut. But to be fair, my hair was REALLY long so it just looked a bit shocking in his hand..detached from my head.

I'll put a picture up soon. Maybe. If I can ever get my hands on my new camera body then I'll be more motivated...I always miss the UPS guy.

Completely unrelated side-note. We like to watch health documentaries (see..SUPER lame) and so we watched that one with the british guy, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." We're pretty healthy considering Chris is a health specialist..but it still made us feel like we should add EVEN MORE good things to our meals. Anyways, we've been juicing basically once a day since then (this is also partially due to the fact that the local produce stand is back open and it's kind of the only way we can afford a lot of fruits and vegetables for juicing.)

And people-we just feel SO good and refreshed..especially since it's getting hotter and we don't like anything super heavy in the hot weather! I know juicers are expensive, we got ours as a wedding gift..but if you can afford it, go for it. We don't replace whole meals with juice drinks, we'll just eat a lot less and have mostly juice for one meal of the day. It's awesome.

Okay. I am done, I should be writing a paper. Or taking a picture of my hair. (But probably neither since my buddy Kim and I did some WORK at the lib today. That's library. We're so cool.)

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  1. I use my bullet blender after watching an infomercial on using it as a juicer ( Yes, I know. I am lame, too). It works great and I don't have the pain of cleaning my juicer. It grinds everything up perfectly. Just have to add about 1 cup of water. Then you get all the healthy pulp and fiber that the juicer strains out. Tonight I made carrot , pear and spinach. Was actually quite good but daddy called it "sludge". hahahaha

  2. Hahah! Apple doesn't fall far...yeah we wish we could do something cool with the pulp..I like it, but once it goes through the juicer it's completely dry and has no taste. :( Hmm...


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