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3:20 PM

Basically my lovely friend Mandy told me I needed to be taking weekly belly pictures and we compromised with every 2 weeks. I don't think I look any bigger from 15 weeks...buuut who knows. You're welcome, Mandykins. In case you were wondering--as expected, this week's mirror pic was not any less awkward feeling than the last time. (And obviously I cropped out some of my head. Meh.) But we sure do love this baby!

Pax fell asleep on my hand, so naturally I didn't move for a good 30 minutes because it was really cute and clearly he was comfortable.

Saturday morning pancakes: chocolate version. My hubby rocks. :)

Speaking of. My favorite with sleepy-morning-eyes and hair. 

Sweet coffee goodness in my most favorite mug. Also: why doesn't decaf ever taste as good as caf? 
The best decaf I've found is any starbucks version...but still. 

That is all!

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  1. Yay! Cute little tummy!

    And Charlie falls asleep on me all the time - and I do the SAME thing! It's just too cute to disturb! :)


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