We shall not die, but LIVE.......

5:39 PM

Read this, immediately thought of our Ellie, and immediately went into prayer for her again:

"The enemy always attempts to thwart what God is doing by stopping the generation in which a move of God is occurring. If the sacrifice and dedication of the Christians in a particular generation prevent him from stopping the advancement of God's Kingdom, he will resort to his number two tactic. It is simply this: to work to keep the vision from being passed on to the next generation."

We do believe fully that in God's kingdom there is no sickness, pain, or death. Ellie's sickness is not God's plan. We live in a fallen world and it has not yet been made new--but one day it will be. In the meantime, we will pray the way Jesus taught us to:

To our Father who resides in Heaven and whose name is above all names! To bring His Kingdom to Earth so that Earth will be as it is in Heaven. Why would He have taught us to pray this way if He didn't desire for this Earth to truly look like Heaven?

So as Ellie's parents, that is our call, and we invite you again to join with us in this prayer for her. We have been so blessed by the hundreds and hundreds who have been lifting her up in faith. Do we think it's made a difference?

Well--a couple months ago they told us she was likely going to die. And she's still alive.

So yes. We do.

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  1. And a huge big fat "Amen!" from our house to yours!


  2. Prayers, prayers, love, joy, smiles and more prayers. Can't wait to meet dear, sweet Ellie!!!!!


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