August 20th, 2010

6:05 PM

How could I possibly let this day end without mentioning on here that three years ago today Chris asked me to be his wife!? Good thing I have like t minus 30 minutes until I pass out because we haven't been getting sleep because our cat is determined to punish us for 7 years for leaving him for a week. (We had him taken care of but he's incredibly needy and like obsessed with us or something.) So basically we fall asleep and then he walks around our room and yells spontaneously for a few seconds and then repeats multiple times until deciding that he's done enough damage on our sleep cycles and he can finally curl up at the end of the bed so that we cannot move without waking HIM up and we wouldn't dare because the yelling torture would ensue.

He really is a gem, I promise..I mean I can't be all that mad at him for being so in love with us that he flips his lid when we return. Plus, he's so intuitive like a lot of animals are and he always snuggles me when I'm sad about Ellie. It's amazing.

So here I am, zombie mode like, and reminiscing that fine day that Chris was so sneaky and brought my engagement ring from Greenville and took me to dinner and lined the botanical gardens with flower petals and candles and almost let me trip down some stairs because I wasn't allowed to look at where I was walking. I totally looked drunk because of that and then my skirt was falling down so I hiked it up like a nerd because I had no idea what was happening or that I was on video. The magic. Then he got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, said some stuff, and I stood there with my hand over my mouth not saying anything except for sobbing and snotting everywhere and the ring was still in his pocket and then I said yes and then he said "you haven't seen the ring yet!" and I said "I don't care about the ring!" which sounds totally jerkish in retrospect but what I meant to say was that he could have tied a piece of grass around my finger and I would have still been overjoyed. Then his friends appeared from various bushes with wine and flowers and hugs. There's video proof of all of this right here:

The Proposal

Three years later and we've been through so much..getting our first real jobs, going back to school, having our first baby, losing our first baby, moving a bunch of times, making a ton of married memories, and learning a lot. I'm so lucky to do life with such an amazing man. I literally don't know what I'd do without him.

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