Nursing School ends in less than 60 days

12:44 PM

and this makes me want to hyperventilate, cry, laugh, vomit, and dance at the same time. I'm literally so excited for the end of this crap that I designed and ordered our Christmas cards because I can see the light and I was able to envision this holiday season whereas Chris will have no more school and I am not working and we are going to freaking live it up, people.

It's worth noting that we still don't know where we are going to be living by the time Christmas comes but nomad status is our forte so I'm totally not stressed about it.

what else.

One of my best friends got married this weekend to the guy who like four years ago I was like "oh, duh, he's totally the one." I wasn't emotional until he freaking CRIED when she walked down the aisle and oh my word. Because of this wedding I obtained about a gazillion monagrammed objects including a shirt and a wine glass and a bag and stuff and normally I'm not a monogram girl but these were the first things I've gotten that are monogrammed with my married name so I love it because, you know, me=obsessed with chris. Everything's all like JTA and I'm like. yes. I am married to that tatey-man.

I was almost sad because for the longest time I was thinking this would be Ellie's first wedding and that I would see Chris holding her while I stood in the front of the church. The reason I ended up being not sad was because I remembered that she's enjoying, ya know, perfect paradise. Way to be, Ellie.

I think that's all I have to say.

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