About thirty minutes ago...

9:43 PM

I was sitting in bed, close to bed time, when a huge greenish blue beetle flew at me (quite furiously) for no good reason. (Mom, if you're reading this, we have huge greenish blue alien beetles that look as though they flew out of Avatar.) Anyways, for some reason, when stuff like that happens close to bedtime (this is not a common occurrence I might add..we don't have a bug infested home..) I have this thought that if it's flying in my room around my bed, there must be more of them. Therefore, as I crawled in bed to go to sleep, I realized that I can't sleep. Because I think there might be beetles in my bed. Alien beetles at that. I guess it's better than a spider, right? Nope, yeah I know, that was my first thought too, but then I was like..well we all KNOW what spiders do, they bite you and crawl around and chances are it's not poisonous if it's in your house around these parts, but this foreign alien-like bug is so mysterious that I have no earthly IDEA what it is capable of. I mean think about it..it entered in and flew STRAIGHT at me like I was some intruder in his territory. Looks like I just made "it" a "he.." which means he's even MORE furious because HE's probably the man-warrior-alien-beetle. For all I know, he could have venomous fangs and razor blade wings. AHHHHHHHHH. Do you see what i'm going through right now. Just terrible. Off to sleep...or not.

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