Until Illness do us Part............??

3:23 PM

Yes, that was the name of the magazine article I read the other day about the hardships of older people that are diagnosed with incurable or hard to treat illnesses. I won't get into the complete story, but the main synopsis is that an "acceptable" solution is becoming divorce for these couples. The article centered itself around a man and a wife where the husband was diagnosed with dementia. They were not wealthy, and since "continuing to pay for treatment would eventually put her (the wife) on the street, divorce was the best option." They were married for 44 years. Nothing disturbs me more than reading stuff like this. They didn't even write this as if it were a terrible thing. The best way you can express your love to someone is by loving them THROUGH the hard times, through their sickness, through their expensive disease or illness treatments. You could not pay me an INFINITE amount of money to walk away from Chris, and we aren't even married yet. What if my dad just walked out on my mom when she had her breast cancer, or if she walked out on his heart disease..it makes me sick to think about. For anyone out there that thinks this is okay, I hope that in your vows on your wedding day you will leave out "in SICKNESS and in health, until DEATH do us part," because i'm getting sick and tired of hearing that divorce is okay, not a big deal, and perfectly acceptable. Cases of infidelity with no chance for recovery is the ONLY way this should even become an option. And only an option after every thing else was attempted to recover the marriage. Our generation better start changing this terrible divorce rate. Your wedding day is not a celebration of your love at that moment. It is a public declaration, contract, and PROMISE in front of everyone there and God that you will be loving, caring for, and supporting that person 5, 10, 20, 50 years from that second. Until DEATH separates you. UGH.

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