Camp in very few minutes..

7:27 AM

=so much different this year. Not necessarily better, definitely not worse. I definitely love my co, but I also had an amazing co last year and I would move in with her in a heartbeat if I could now. But Sarah Mckay, more recently known as "Narnar" is indescribable. We're kind of in love. And, I do love love LOVE working with the Cherokees over the Choctaws. They are so fun and there is more of an emphasis on our friendship than having to teach appropriate/inappropriate behavior with the Choctaws. It was always hard with the Choctaws being good "friend" with the girls, because if they view you as such, they lose the ability to respect your responsibilities as a counselor. We loved them for SURE, but the dynamic is just so different. :)

Not enough time to write more..I'll update soon.

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