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I guess it's okay to post this since not too many at camp have access to it. And those that do.....shhhhh ;)

So. Today is June 23rd. My classes ended today. I'm enjoying my freedom from school for the rest of summer, and hating the fact that they are the reason I couldn't return to camp.

Next thing you know, I get a call from an unfamiliar area code. I get a voicemail and it says:
"Hey Jordan..it's Sharon (Camp Director who hired me last year) I can't really remember why you had told me that you couldn't come back to camp this year, but we have one, maybe two staff positions open that need to be filled for the rest of camp..."

I'm pretty sure the voicemail continued, but at that point I ran out of my room, through the kitchen where I slurred some random words to my mom about "GOING TO CAMP" and then called Sharon on the ASAP. I told her to tell me about the voicemail and she said that unfortunately, a staffer needed to leave after the first session (Camp runs for four, 2 week session) because of things back home. I then freaked out in excitement and let her know that this is insane because my classes ended TODAY.

So, she sent me the contract..and off I go, frantically packing my life away in only 2 days.

Best. Thing. Ever.

And trust me, I'm going to miss my family, our family vacation, the freedom to see Chris on a more frequent basis...but this was SO God, and all summer I've been bombarded with 2010 Camp pictures that keep popping up on my facebook news feed...containing pictures of all of my friends, co-counselor from last year, crazy activities, and it made me so SO sick seeing them every day.

So there you have it. Saturday I'll be moving into my cabin, and only had to miss out on one session! I knew it couldn't be the end.

And to Chris,
You're support and encouragement still amazes me. I am so sad for the opportunities that we are going to have to postpone..I'm going to miss your guts SO BAD. ;) You are the most amazing man I have ever known and the fact that I'll be living EVEN closer to you at camp makes me so happy. I love you so much! Oh, and, don't forget that I'm bringing my computer up there (which I didn't last year..) so that's just another way we can communicate! :) I'll be blowing UP your email inbox just fyi. :) Thank you thank you THANK you for everything you do for me. We are surely going to make the most out of every SECOND of my time off. Get ready. <3

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