So much excitement!

6:36 AM


6 hours: My first cake smash photo shoot! I've photographed this little one before so I'm already excited just based on the fact that she's adorable. Put her in front of a cake and let her go to town? I think so. SO excited to post those pictures already!
1 day: LAKE ADVENTURE CELEBRATIONS WITH THE FAM! (so pumped. We see Chris' family so much more than mine solely because of I'm sooo excited to spend the day with them.)
4 days: Our first anniversary! Oh boy, the year has flown. (Now I'm kicking myself for not videoing or taking pictures of us more so I could put a fun little one year thing together or something. I don't know. Okay. New Year (of marriage) Resolution it is!!) You can bet I'll be posting more about our year on the 15th. :)
19 days: I turn 23! Guess what happens on your 23rd birthday!? Nothing. But that's okay, we get to celebrate another year that God has given me that has been full of new adventures and breath and life and jumping and running and laughing!
8 months: a new addition to our family will be arriving!!!! What a cool way to tell the world through blog that we will be..just kidding. not yet. And I would never do that through blog. Jeez. But how funny would it be if I did. Like..just didn't say anything to anybody and only put it on here.

Kidding Mom, don't worry.
Onward, exciting adventures!

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