9:53 AM

Why yes, I did spend the larger portion of my falling asleep time stalking the instagram of Mackelmore. Thanks for asking.

We get on such weird kicks around here. For a while we discovered that the only thing youtube was really good for was watching our Pax video where our cat attacks himself in a mirror get thousands and thousands of likes and then watching every video made by Arturo Trejo. Now we've discovered these new sketches called "Conversations with my 2 year old" where this dad has decided to re-enact conversations he's had with his 2 year old daughter except the part of his 2 year old daughter is played by a fully grown man. Hilarious. Seriously.

For the record..I know next to nothing about Mackelmore except that I like his rapping voice and I randomly stumbled across his instagram. I don't know why I'm defending myself.

Anyways. The thing I'm trying to confess is that Chris and I caved and got iphones. Mainly because his phone completely lost the ability to text.

He's at school all day long. I'm depressed all day long and always on the verge of an Ellie breakdown. Me not being able to reach him at this time in my life=heck no. My phone was crappy too (just not as bad as his.) I can't count how many voicemails, calls, and texts just never came in and then people are secretly mad at me and think I'm ignoring them. Also, my mom and brother are always sending like those smart phone group texts which always came to my phone as "picture mail" which I couldn't open or else my phone would shut down.

But, for the record, we still don't have a TV or a microwave. So there.

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  1. I've gotten sucked into your blog, gradually moving back in time. It makes me laugh and cry and I can totally relate to getting sucked into Instagram. What a colossal, wondrous time-waster. You write with such a powerful yet easy-to-relate-to voice. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to following your new posts on Bloglovin'.
    Lauren Byrd

    1. By the way, Instagram is the time-waster, not your blog. :)

    2. HEY! Sucked in, eh!? Story of my life. This totally rocks. :) Thanks so much! What an encouragement. I guess I'll keep word vomiting all over the place.


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