11:21 AM

I've decided to go ahead and post this so that it will come from me and with explanation, but today I officially (and quite emotionally) resigned from my position at work in order to take the proper time to heal and rest after losing our Ellie. :(

This decision did NOT come easy and I wrestle with it even now, but I do know that this is going to be best for our family and for moving forward. I absolutely loved my job and the amazing people I worked with, and I know that leaving will not end our friendships! The position I was in definitely requires a strong spirit and intense mental strength, both of which I do not have right now (at least to the degree that is necessary for the job.) I did not want to do merely a sufficient job when I returned, but am sure that that's what it would have been had I gone back a few weeks from now.

I really do hope that this is not the end of my time there or in this field of work--but in the meantime I will be recovering with my sweet husband and moving forward to have an even stronger family in the end.

So to Molly, Mark, Megan, Katie, Lisa, Laura, Kellie, Leslie, Stephanie, Shatokia, Nicholas, and everyone else: I SUPER love you guys and am ridiculously grateful and blessed to know you all. Seriously. 


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  1. Gonna miss your sweet face but will definitely keep in touch :)


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