Moving and how we're doing and stuff

10:15 AM

Let me say this out loud for emphasis: I cannot wait to be pregnant again.

Chris hears it 1400 times a day so might as well share the wealth.

On a non-baby related note...which my brain does, in fact, have the ability to you ever find that you're scrolling through facebook and then you say out loud--oh, wait, I just remembered that I don't care about any of this.

Horrible, right? I care about peoples lives. Just not via facebook...people might think the same about me and this blog. Such is life in these weird social media times. As I type on a blog....whatevs.

But alas, I can't keep my photography facebook page unless I have a normal one. Sooo. Bigger problems out there..much bigger problems.

And for another drastic subject change: I've been finding that our friends are usually the ones being asked how we're doing because I'm sure it's hard territory trying to figure out a good way to ask us--but, rest assured, we are doing great..and we welcome you to ask us whenever the heck you feel like it. Some days we aren't doing great! That's the nature of going through stuff like this, I think. Some days I literally cry and smell Ellie's hospital clothes until I can't smell anymore. Other days we joke with friends about how we get the parents of the year award for having the perfect child who never did a single bad thing. It really just depends.

We love to talk about her, so don't feel like you need to tread lightly around us. If I cry, then you can hug me. And if I laugh, then you can laugh with me. Such a beautiful thing about community.

And lastly--the packing process has begun. We started packing all the clothes we won't need until the spring comes back (a joyous day that will be) and then we took a carload of stuff to goodwill that we haven't touched in two or more years...we just kept moving them in bins from place to place. Silly.

We still don't know what the most economical choice is as far as moving trucks go? Anybody know?

Happy Saturday. Enjoy your day while I pretend to listen to Chris study out loud because it helps him and he said I didn't really have to listen so I'm not the worst wife.

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  1. Jordan! Just doing some light stalking here! We used uhaul for the move to Montana. You have to pack (and upack) everything yourself (or recruit Blake and Clint for help with heavy things like we did). They have tons of places to pick up and drop off trucks, and you may run into friends while at the sketchy trading post picking up your uhaul like we did (Cameron and Mary Ashley we moving that day too!). They've got pretty good deals.



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