Chris is 25!

5:40 AM

Urg I ALWAYS do a birthday post! *hits hand against forehead*

Oh well. The reason I didn't, for future reference, is beause I was busy planning and cooking for the best birthday of Chris' LIFE. Kidding..I had plenty of time I just didn't feel like using my computer.

We ate Mexican. I made fancy blueberry mango mojitos. We played Chris-themed games. It was magical. I didn't take a single picture because that is apparently how I roll.

Regardless, I am indeed thankful that Christopher is alive and awesome and that he lovingly agreed to marry the hot mess that is yours truly. No seriously. He literally accepted every tiny bit of my mess and scars and bad choices and general crappiness and acted as if I was still the best thing he had encountered. He rocks at life and he makes the hard stuff look easy. So very thankful...soooo very thankful. 

So, happy birthday, sweet guy! You stinking rock and let's hug.

For those of you in the upstate, I'm happy (not) to report that winter storm pax (seriously!?) has brought us cold icy rain! It's soooooooo fun to play in.


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  1. Yay Chris Tate- you are ahmahziiing! Secondly, if you LIVED in the Upstate you could be playing in the snow with us. What ELSE did you expect me to say?!?!

  2. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Chris. I know i know i know i knowwwwwwwww snow snow upstate BLAH. (really wish we coulda been there)


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