Pregnant people and mommas!

9:07 AM

I thought I might as well ask the whole lot of ya!

So my prenatal vitamins make me feel terrible. Nauseous. Headaches. Every time I take them. Confession: there have been days where I totally didn't take them because I just couldn't stand to feel bad again and on those days I would juice lots of fruits and veggies or go eat super vitamin rich foods.

This happened on a completely different prenatal vitamin with Ellie where I would get really horrible headaches almost migraine level pain.

Here's the thing though- I started taking these vitamins a month or two before we started trying because that's a good thing to do and they didn't bother me until I got pregnant.

I always take them with food but I'm at a loss!

My body has always been super sensitive to medications and what not but still. 

Advice? Is this something I'm just going to have to deal with till the end?

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  1. My friend had the same problem. She told me to take them right before bed and that's what I've always done.

  2. I take the Rainbow Light brand at night before bed. They are food based so they are not so harsh. I can only find them at target. They are kind of big and stink, so I can't take them with water. They have never made me feel sick though! Good luck :)


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