Mystery Solved

8:18 PM

So, in my New Testament Religion class we’ve been learning about not only the New Testament but also the older Hebrew Scriptures and the basis of the Jewish and Christian religion. I enjoy this class, however..something wasn’t sitting right with me about the. The details and aspects we learn are usually very negative and opinionated and majorly based off of a book that strives to point out the contradictions within both religions. So I did a bit of research on the book that the teacher teaches from…and my detective skills lead me to the problem. The man that wrote it is agnostic. We’re learning about these religions from a man who considers him self a “Critic of historical documents and the new testament.” There you have it. If I’m learning about my own religion as well as others from someone that is just presenting the facts and allowing me to compare..then fine, it doesn’t really affect me if he doesn’t believe in any of them…however..this is an agnostic man that doesn’t believe in ANY religion and moreover presents them in a way to make you feel like an idiot if you believe in ANY God or religious text.

"Unfortunately, as careful a scholar as Ehrman is, his treatment of major theological changes in the text of the New Testament tends to fall under one of two criticisms: Either his textual decisions are wrong, or his interpretation is wrong." Wallace also wrote, "One almost gets the impression that he is encouraging the Chicken Littles in the Christian community to panic at data that they are simply not prepared to wrestle with."

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