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I've told this story a million times. But upon stumbling upon my lovely co-counselor from last summer's blog...and stalking almost every aspect of it, I just feel the need to express my love for Anna Harrison. So the story lives on:

This past summer, one of the most hyped up moments of Staff Week at finding out who your co-counselor is. This is a huge deal. I mean HUGE. This person, like it or not, will be living with you about 3 feet away (or below if you choose the bunkage route) with 8 crazy little girls for 3 months. Count it. Three. To put it plainly; if you don't like them......then your camp experience=much different than if you did like them. clarify's impossible to not 'like' somebody that works at this camp. The personalities/faiths/nature of everyone hired there just kinda works, if you know what I mean. So in terms of "liking" I really mean...if you just "click."

So, the day came. Long story short..I found my cabin with my face and my co-counselors face slapped on the outside of the porch. Well, not literally our faces. Polaroids of course. And there she was. Cute little Anna Harrison...who somehow I never really talked to during staff week (not intentionally..its a big group of ladies). We move in..and the first impression? AMAZING. No i'm just kidding..I was scared to death. She seemed great. nice. adorable. But....she was organizing her camp things as if there was going to be an inspection for the most organized cabin. Oh, and she brought about a bajillion things that I didn't even think to pack. Main point=I got done unpacking (unpacking=randomly placing items where I felt they might should be placed..unstrategically) in about 20 minutes. She got done unpacking (unpacking=strategically and thoughtfully placing each item according to its class and nature) in about an hour. This worried me..(quite obviously too. I sat indian style on my bed watching her as she caringly put away her many things) it didn't worry me because I thought she was crazy. It worried me because I was afraid she would be upset at my 'different' living style.

This was day one. Day two..little bit tense waking up in the same cabin alone..Day LOVE with her. Day four five six seven eight nine...and ninety=RIDICULOUSLY in love with her. Proves how amazing God is. We didn't have that much in common besides our love for the outdoors and camp and most importantly, God..but we learned from each other, cried together, laughed together..and were counselors to many girls..together. I can honestly say that she was one of the best parts of camp. I love her.

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