10:41 AM

True Story:
I was working out...running on a treadmill, when I put my ipod away..into the black pocket of my black jacket. I left the gym, reached into my pockets and ipod. I freaked out. I called Chris, told him how upset I was and I retraced all my steps and kept in touch with the front desk to make sure nobody turned it in...yeah right..these days, who is going to find an ipod and turn it in. I cut my losses and accepted that my ipod was stolen, and then each time I would normally use it I thought about how awful some person was for holding MY ipod with MY music and MY pictures on it. My mom even questioned why Apple doesn't have some kind of tracking system/alert system for people trying to access their itunes with a foreign ipod. For days I thought about how I took it for granted and I'd have to just wait until the chance for me to get a new one came about.

Today, I'm skyping with Chris and wearing my black jacket. North Face jackets have the normal pockets where you can put your hands, but they also have a pointless pocket at the left side of the chest. You don't store things in there. That would be stupid. Get where I'm going with this? Yep, that's right, while I was running and trying to put my ipod away, I mistakenly placed it in the chest pocket thinking it was the bottom pocket because of the way my jacket was draped over the treadmill.

All this time I was cursing humanity and the terrible people that steal things that aren't theirs.....and then once again, I am humbled by my own stupidity. Lesson learned, but I sure am happy to have my ipod "back."


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